Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care in TulsaDo not dismiss the idea of hiring a home health care service to offer you nursing care simply because you don’t believe that you’ll be able to afford the expense.

At Home Health of Tulsa, we make it possible for anyone to take advantage of our skilled nursing care services regardless of your financial situation. It is possible for you to receive the care and attention that you or a loved one needs directly from the comfort of home. RN’s and LPN’s staff our nursing services.

Our services include the education of diseases and treatment, assessing patient’s health conditions; such as glucose, blood pressure, and vital signs, wound care, IV management, and administering medication and medicine management.

These are things that the average healthy person might take for granted but when you are dealing with health issues, you quickly realize how useful such services can actually be.

Health Care Partner

Our nurses are not there to take the place of your primary care physician or even your primary caregiver, they are here to assist you in whatever areas you find necessary.

We are your home health care partners at Home Health of Tulsa. Our skilled nursing services offer a wide range of beneficial services to help our patients feel better and function more efficiently in their daily lives.

Free Quote for Home Healthcare in Tulsa

    It is never our intention to come in and completely take over your life, rather our nurses are here to provide you with the in-home health care services that you would otherwise have to leave home to receive. We bring the convenience of health care to your home and work with you to meet all of your goals and objectives. We’re a part of your intimate health care team.

    Advantages of Skilled Nursing Care

    Some of our patients continue to miss doctors appointments because they simply do not feel well enough to go through the trouble of getting up, bathing, dressing and leaving the house. This is why we come to where you are.

    While you may not feel up to leaving the house, you may be willing to get dressed long enough to receive a visit from one of our skilled nurses, who can then report back to your physician. You can improve the quality of your life by staying inside during recovery periods.

    You are capable of maintaining your independence and remaining in your home while being treated for an illness or condition. We help you remain healthy enough to avoid re-hospitalization.

    Skilled Nursing Services

    If you have a disease, our skilled nurse will work to educate you and your family about the most up-to-date information and instructions about managing the condition.

    This is performed through both verbal communication and in writing; whichever is easiest for the client. Our nurses perform ongoing evaluations to ensure that our patients fully understand their disease and some of the complications they may experience from time to time as a result of having the disease.

    Other services include catheter care, treating or controlling incontinence, and maintenance of the patients IV.