Occupational Therapy

Professional Occupational Therapy in TulsaHome Health of Tulsa offers a comprehensive occupational therapy program. Whether we are working with older individuals or younger ones, they will both receive the quality of care and attention they are deserving of.

With our occupational therapy program we make a thorough assessment of our clients environment, which may include their workplace, home or school. Based on our findings, we are able to make the necessary recommendations for tools and equipment needed for the individuals specific therapy program. Along with the physical therapy that we perform with our clients, we also educate family members and caregivers about the person’s condition and our efforts for treating them.

Everyone needs to be involved in the support of those receiving occupational therapy and this is why we inform others in the household and family members of the objective of our therapy.

Who Do Occupational Therapists Work With

Our clients at Home Health of Tulsa include those who have social, emotional, developmental or physical challenges. The objective is to be actively involved in the rehabilitation of those who require our services.

The equipment used is specialized equipment, designed to assist in the rehabilitation of someone with the type of disorder that is being treated. This equipment enables them to successfully take care of daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, eating, bathing, and getting dressed or wound care. In many cases, our clients can become so overwhelmed that they can no longer do the basics.

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    With the right program, we are able to help them conserve their energy so that they can do those basic daily tasks that seem so overwhelming. The objective of our program is to assist our clients in living an independent, productive life.

    Pain Management

    At Home Health of Tulsa, we not only make an assessment of your needs but we perform a home safety evaluation. At this time our therapist will be able to develop a plan that helps you reach your goals while remaining safe within your home. Plans are developed and then approved by the client’s doctor.

    Some plans also include pain management. It is no secret that individuals abuse medication that helps control pain because they simply find it too difficult to deal with the consistent pain. Rather than over medicating themselves, we teach our clients how to manage the pain without taking too much medication.

    Our therapists also work closely with physical therapists, skilled nurses, and speech therapists to develop your occupational therapy plan.

    Why Hire Home Health of Tulsa

    We work as a team to ensure that you are receiving the best quality of care possible. You should be able to maintain your strength and dignity regardless of your condition and we can make this possible.

    Our occupational therapists are certified and qualified to assist you no matter the extent of your condition. We promote healthy living and your overall well-being. You will be able to take back your some level of independence with the help of our occupational therapists. Set a goal and we’re sure to help you meet it.