Medicine Management

Nurse helping old lady with medicine management in TulsaIn order for a patient to properly heal and get better, they must take medication as prescribed. Our home health care providers at Home Health of Tulsa familiarize themselves with the medication that our patients are prescribed along with their regimen for taking them.

If you are unable to remember when or how to take the medication prescribed, you may need a little help and we’re here to offer it to you. While it is certainly helpful to the patient when they take their medication as prescribed, it can also be detrimental to their health if they take too much of it.

Often times, patients can’t remember when they have taken their medication or if they took it at all. This can be problematic, however, it doesn’t have to be under the careful watch of our caregivers.  

Why Managing Medication Is Important

If you are noticing that your elderly parents condition isn’t getting any better despite taking them to their doctors appointments time and time again, consider the fact that they may not be taking their medication properly.

This is common, as those who begin to age may also become forgetful or may have to juggle so much medication that they can’t remember what they took when. Let’s face it, even those who are not elderly can have so much on their plates that they simply can’t keep up with all they have to do, how much more of challenge is this for those who begin to age. If you want to see your parents or any other loved one begin to get better, medicine management is a great option.  

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    Our Primary Goal

    Aside from disability assistance, the goal of our caregiver is to make sure they know which medications the patient has been prescribed, the amount and duration. This is helpful in developing a regimen that they will be able to stick to, without forgetting.

    The medication that they have been described may be something they have to take the rest of their lives or may be temporary until the condition gets better. It doesn’t matter just how long you need to take any particular type of medication, we’re here to assist you for as long as it takes to get you the results that the medication is intended to render.

    Why Home Health of Tulsa

    We are the preferred home health care service in Tulsa, OK due to our compassionate and committed team of caregivers. Knowing that there is someone who truly cares about their well-being is often enough to motivate our patients to want to do better at managing their medication.

    With the knowledge and understanding of the various types of medication taken, we are able to successfully develop a plan that is best suited to your daily needs. With the right plan, we can help our patients get through the most challenging diagnosis and start seeing the results of the medications they have been prescribed.

    We work closely with our patients to assist them with their medication management needs.