Disability Assistance

Living with a disability can be challenging, not just for the person with the disability but also for those who care for those with disabilities.

At Home Health of Tulsa, we aim to make life a little easier by helping you through the many challenges that you may experience. Some are conditions that some were born with but and as they get older; there may be a need to help them become more self-sufficient. There are those who have developed a condition later in life due to something like stroke, an injury or from the diagnosis of a condition that limits mobility.  

Disability Challenges

While some people and places go through the effort of accommodating those with disabilities, unfortunately the majority do not. Those without disabilities or who do not care for someone with a disability, may not completely comprehend the challenges they may face. Showers, tubs, door handles, steering wheels, cash machines, steps, all pose a problem for people with certain disabilities.

Those who find these things difficult to do, sometimes withdraw from society, as they find it too hard to deal with the daily struggles. Knowing how to deal with these daily tasks will help you remain a part of society without isolating yourself.

Our job is to make sure you’re able to handle even the most simple things successfully, such as opening a door or getting up stairs.  


    Non-Medical Home Care

    The home health care that we provide at Home Health of Tulsa is here to assist with any of your non-medical home care needs, as we realize it is important to your being able to live independently.

    Our non-medical disability home services can be anything that you find difficult to do on your own, such as driving, housekeeping, shopping or personal care.

    We’re here because we want to be here, providing you with the assistance that will help you make it through the day. Don’t give up on life! Our health care service providers will patiently assist you with whatever you need.

    Their primary objective is to make sure you are happy with the program that is designed specifically with you, our patient, in mind. They are here because they want to be not because they have to be and this is demonstrated in the level of care and attention they offer to our patients.  

    Why Choose Home Health of Tulsa

    If you want to work with a team of sincere, compassionate caregivers, we’re the ones that you can always count on at Home Health of Tulsa.

    Our caregivers are thoroughly screened and have the necessary skills and qualifications to assist you no matter what type of disability you may have.

    During our screening process, we strive to dig deep to make sure that we are choosing someone who truly cares about others and their well-being. We have been successful in our efforts and as a result we are the leading home health care service provider in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    We offer you guaranteed satisfaction.